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Accompaniment tracks for classical instrumental repertoire

Privacy and Cookie Policy

I treat the the privacy of all of my customers and visitors to my website with the utmost respect and would never pass on any personal information gathered to any other party. Payment data is handled by SagePay, with 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure transactions are secure, and credit card data is processed by only the most secure servers. Click here for more details about SagePay's online shopping security

Cookie Policy

As required by European law, I am obliged to ask users of my website to allow consent to have temporary cookies stored on their machines in the course of using the site. The cookies I use are in order to make the customer shopping experience easier and to store analytical data via Google Analytics (see below). I should stress there is absolutely no harm in these cookies, they are not the intrusive kind that some websites use to derive information for advertising! By continuing to navigate the website and using the shopping cart, the user implies consent for these harmless cookies to be used.

There are three different types of cookie which are used on this website, which are described below.

Google Analytics Cookies: Along with millions of other websites, my site incorporates Google Analytics, which anonymously tracks usage statistics of people using the site. This information helps me tailor the website towards countries from which most visitors originate, and illustrates which of the web pages are most viewed. None of the information is ever personally identifiable and will not result in any unwanted marketing or spam emails.

Shopping Cart Cookies: As with every website on which online shopping takes place, when customers put items in their carts a temporary cookie is placed on the user's machine in order to remember the contents of the cart once the user continues looking around the website. These cookies usually expire after a couple of hours.

'Remember Me' Cookie: During the checkout process, customers are given the option to tick a box to say if they would like their address details to be stored, in order to make future orders that much quicker. This is the only 'permanent' cookie used on my website, and only by ticking the relevant box in the checkout procedure is it enabled. If this box is ticked it implies consent from the user for this cookie to be stored. If the user wants to remove this (or any other) cookie, it is a simple task to delete cookies from your browser - just read the help file for your particular browser to see how to do this.